SonoBus is an easy to use application for streaming high-quality, low-latency peer-to-peer audio between devices over the internet or a local network.

Simply choose a unique group name (with optional password), and instantly connect multiple people together to make music, remote sessions, podcasts, etc. Easily record the audio from everyone, as well as playback any audio content to the whole group.

Connects multiple users together to send and receive audio among all in a group, with fine-grained control over latency, quality and overall mix. Includes optional input compression, noise gate, and EQ effects, along with a master reverb. All settings are dynamic, network statistics are clearly visible.

Works as a standalone application on macOS, Windows, iOS, and Linux, and as an audio plugin (AU, VST) on macOS and Windows. Use it on your desktop or in your DAW, or on your mobile device.

Easy to setup and use, yet still provides all the details that audio nerds want to see. Audio quality can be instantly adjusted from full uncompressed PCM (16, 24, or 32 bit) or with various compressed bitrates (16-256 kbps per channel) using the low-latency Opus codec, and you can do this independently for any of the users you are connected with in a group.

Software type
VST2 plugin
AU plugin
Software language
Software features
Net jamming
Audio mixing
Jesse Chappell (essej)

Recent releases Release Date
SonoBus 1.4.9 15 Jan '22
SonoBus 1.4.7 7 Oct '21
SonoBus 1.4.7. 7 Oct '21
SonoBus 1.4.5 15 Apr '21
SonoBus 1.4.3 1 Apr '21
SonoBus beta.1.3.19 22 Mar '21
SonoBus beta.1.3.18 20 Mar '21
SonoBus beta.1.3.17 19 Mar '21
SonoBus beta.1.3.15 18 Mar '21
SonoBus beta.1.3.16 18 Mar '21