LibraZiK is digital audio-software studio and related documentation. LibraZiK version #3 is made of free-software and is based on Debian GNU/Linux Stable codename "Buster".

LibraZiK-3 is firstly focused on French speakers. C'est la vie :) . As a consequence, the documentation is mainly in French at the moment and the forum we are using is in French.

But, good news for the non-francophone readers, the blog is written in French and English. And the Mastodon account is written both in French and English too!

Another thing is that you can also join the IRC channel which is allowing people to talk in French as well as in English. No installation required. Just click here and you'll be connected.

Software type
Olivier Humbert (trebmuh) & Team LibraZiK

Recent releases Release Date
LibraZiK 2023 26 Jan '23
LibraZiK 2022 27 Apr '22
LibraZiK News Sep 2021 8 Sep '21
LibraZiK News March 2021 30 Mar '21
LibraZiK News Jan 2021 22 Jan '21
LibraZiK 2021 22 Jan '21
LibraZiK 021 22 Jan '21
LibraZiK 3 8 Jan '21
LibraZiK News Dec 2020 28 Dec '20
LibraZiK News Nov 2020 28 Nov '20