JackMix is a matrix mixer allowing p input channels to be mixed into q output channls by a matrix of faders. It relies on the Jack framework to route these inputs and outputs.

There's a video about Nick using jackmix at [https://vimeo.com/75655401]

This version of jackmix is enhanced for compatibility with an external MIDI control surface and compiles for qt5.

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Arnold Krille (kampfschlaefer)

Recent releases:
JackMix 0.6.0 2 Nov '19
JackMix Qt5 and nice fader tr 2 Nov '19
JackMix Qt5 2 Nov '19
JackMix Qt5 2 Nov '19
JackMix 0.5.2 30 Sep '15
JackMix 0.5.1 29 Jun '14
JackMix 0.4.1 21 Sep '09
JackMix 0.4.1 21 Sep '09