HPS JAM is an online audio collaboration tool for low latency audio with lyrics and chat support. Featuring;

  • uncompressed audio transmission in 1 channel 8-bit up to 2 channels 32-bit. This results in crystal clear high-end audio over the internet!
  • additional protection against jitter by redundancy in packet transmission
  • local audio effects:
    • highpass
    • lowpass
    • bandpass
    • delay - With this feature you can hear yourself with an "average" delay that fits the real one from the server. This provides a clean local signal without jitter, while maintaining the delay and thus being "in sync" with fellow musicians when playing/jamming. Usage: click "MIXER" then "EQ DELAY" then "Long Delay" and then "Apply". This will apply the calculated average. You may want to click the "Long Delay" button several times before hitting apply, so that you can choose the appropiate delay.
  • automatic audio compression when signal overflows.
  • built in HTTP server allows for streaming the uncompressed audio in 32-bit stereo WAV-file format to disk or other programs. Supported for both client and server.
  • server and mixer access can be password protected.
  • low latency MIDI event routing
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Audio input
Net jamming
BSD 2-clause
Hans Petter Selasky hselasky
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Recent releases Release Date
HPS JAM 1.2.8 16 Nov '22
HPS JAM 1.2.7 15 Nov '22
HPS JAM 1.2.6 13 Nov '22
HPS JAM 1.2.5 9 Nov '22
HPS JAM 1.2.4 8 Nov '22
HPS JAM 1.0.25 19 May '22
HPS JAM 1.0.24 12 May '22
HPS JAM 1.0.23 4 Apr '22
HPS JAM 1.0.22 19 Feb '22
HPS JAM 1.0.21 29 Jan '22