B.Jumblr is neither a sample slicer nor a step sequencer. From the technical POV B.Jumblr is a sequencer pattern-controlled audio delay effect.

The pattern defines at when (vertical) and which (horizontal) piece of the audio input stream is sent to the audio output. Use the default diagonal line (zero delay line) pattern for live playback. Moving a pad one step to the right results in a one step delayed playback of the respective piece of the audio input stream. Each pad (and thus each piece) can be leveled up or down by mouse wheel scrolling.

In addition, the user can control the playback progression using the playback buttons or the speed dial. This is facilitated via the progression delay.

Software type
LV2 plugin
Software language
Software features
Step/grid sequencer
Audio input
Audio FX
Sven Jaehnichen (sjaehn)

Recent releases Release Date
B.Jumblr 1.4.2 24 Aug '20
B.Jumblr 1.4.0 24 Jul '20