Release Date

Change log

WARNING: to get the source version

  • be sure to download the faust-2.68.1.tar.gz file to get a complete source folder (in particular, with all the libraries)
  • on macOS, binary files are still to notarise, you may have to use the xattr -rd file command to remove the extended attribute. See the xattr man page for details on how to use that tool.


This is the latest release which contains the JavaScript written Faust/WebAssembly glue code using the compiled libfaust-wasm.js, libfaust-wasm.wasm and files, also used in the faust2webaudio separated project. See documentation.

A new TypeScript/JavaScript based model will be used in the next versions.


  • Reworked mesh2faust tool
  • Rework faust-dynamic-engine
  • Experimental -diff option for 'Automatic Differentiation in the Faust Compiler'
  • Add sigDelay1 in signal API.
  • Add printCBox/printCSignal API in box and signal API.
  • Add getSigInterval/setSigInterval in signal API
  • New faust2rnbo tool
  • Reworked faust2vhdlcode
  • Add -it option to inline rdtable/rwtable code in the main class.
  • Add missing round primitive in the language
  • Add -vec mode in Rust backend
  • Codebox backend (for RNBO support)
  • MIDI and polyphonic support in JSFX backend


Fixed bugs

  • Revert incorrect route primitive incorrect fix.
  • Add checkNullBargraphLabel to better handle null labels in bargraph.
  • Complete -quad support in C++ backend.
  • Rework broken -inj option.


  • Add ba.ifNc and ba.ifNcNo functions
  • Adding new mathematical oscillators to oscillators.lib