Release Date

Anklang 0.2.0.nightly2309170055

Development version - may contain bugs or compatibility issues.

Merge branch 'release-fixes' # 2023-09-08 Tim Janik d8465fd * release-fixes: MISC: print latest version with `misc/ --version` GITHUB: workflows/release.yml: set prerelease:false for annotated tags Fix actions/checkout@v3 and actions/checkout@v4 messing up the annotation of the currently fetched tag, even with fetch-depth:0, see: actions/checkout#290 MISC: for release tags, copy news section from Merge branch 'ci-fixes' # 2023-09-10 Tim Janik 9a7e628 * ci-fixes: MISC: remove unused file generations MISC: delete, now unused MISC: add missing arg to help MISC: remove --draft MISC: determine version from tarball, show progress MISC: use assets/ directory contents if present GITHUB: workflows/testing.yml: use download-artifact@v3 to fetch release assets GITHUB: workflows/testing.yml: make sure to generate PDF docs early on GITHUB: workflows/testing.yml: provide GH_TOKEN for gh in GITHUB: workflows/testing.yml: first build docs, then upload docs/ artifact GITHUB: workflows/testing.yml: fix Release-Upload deps, avoid skipped jobs GITHUB: workflows/testing.yml: allow skipped jobs in Ping-IRC GITHUB: workflows/testing.yml: use github expression for negating if GITHUB: workflows/testing.yml: escape exclamation mark for yaml GITHUB: workflows/testing.yml: skip Focal-Clang-Tidy for release tags GITHUB: workflows/testing.yml: uplaod releases via misc/ GITHUB: workflows/release.yml: remove, releases moved into testing.yml MISC: download artifacts and create a release MISC: properly dockerize clang-tidy MISC: support V=1 GITHUB: workflows/testing.yml: run clang-tidy on focal MISC: use 1000:1000 to chown files for docker containers MISC: add missing auto to cp --reflink=auto GITHUB: workflows/testing.yml: fix env syntax for gha GITHUB: workflows/testing.yml: use for all CI jobs GITHUB: workflows/testing.yml: use on Focal for docs MISC: support $CITAG to determine docker run image MISC: Dockerfile.lunar: install missing clang aliases MISC: add script that runs all CI stages via docker MISC: Dockerfile.focal: install poxy==0.13.0 Versions poxy>=0.13.1 have problems with python-3.8 on focal. MISC: Dockerfile.focal: install pandoc- Using pandoc-3.1.7 seems to have issues with PDF generation, anchors in section titles cause an error and SVG images are not found. .gitignore: minor addition MISC: Dockerfile.focal: add clang-17 aliases MISC: Dockerfile.focal: provide xetex, poxy and clang++-17 GITHUB: workflows/release.yml: upload draft releases for CI tests GITHUB: workflows/release.yml: cache focal docker builds with buildx GITHUB: workflows/testing.yml: fix comment GITHUB: workflows/testing.yml: cache arch docker builds with buildx GITHUB: workflows/testing.yml: cache lunar and jammy docker builds with buildx Merge branch 'cirun-docker-caching' - let cirun handle image build and caching # 2023-09-17 Tim Janik 00c0537 * cirun-docker-caching: GITHUB: workflows/testing.yml: use separate steps for docker image builds GITHUB: workflows/testing.yml: make use of cirun which handles docker builds * workflows/testing.yml: use misc/cirun -u 1000 to fix ownership * workflows/testing.yml: fix CIMAKE for Focal-Clang-Tidy * workflows/testing.yml: move nproc out of env variables MISC: remove, use simpler cirun MISC: remove old helper MISC: Dockerfile.lunar: remove old file MISC: docker_*: remove old helpers MISC: cirun: add docker build, run, chown and caching MISC: cirun: add script to run commands in dockerized environments GITHUB: workflows/testing.yml: use buildx with selective caching GITHUB: workflows/testing.yml: configure and use buildx with selective caching GITHUB: workflows/testing.yml: remove unused actions/upload-artifact GITHUB: workflows/testing.yml: split asset builds into separate job MISC: add --build, note that --check includes --build MISC: fix outdated globs Merge branch 'thin-lto' - improve LTO builds # 2023-09-17 Tim Janik 0e21fc8 * thin-lto: ASE: add missing formats to WAV output help MISC: when using LTO, enable Thin LTO with clang Thin LTO can result in smaller binaries and better performance.