Release Date
  • Editor: Fix sligthly wrong memory handling. Might
    have led to crashes sometimes after copying a
    range that contains stops, but only after the
    second time or later, and probably only in very
    rare cases. Bug introduced in V6.6.77.
  • Midi Learn: Rough implementation of
    "incremental mode". The feature is likely to
    require some tweaking though.
  • Sequencer: Make the song tempo automation popup
    menu less confusing.
  • Sequencer: Fix gfx garbage in uppermost pixel row
    when song tempo automation is visible.
  • Editor: Fix a possible, but if so, probably
    extremely rare, crash when creating undo for range.
    The bug seems to have always been there.
  • Internal: Fix memory leak if trying to allocate
    very large memory blocks in realtime code.
  • GUI: Attempt to fix Qt sometimes translating
    strings. (That's not supposed to happen since
    Radium is an English-only program.)
  • Linux: Turn off crash reporter if radium couldn't
    start because of missing AM pitch shift plugin
    during startup. Only for custom builds though.
  • Soundfile saver: Fix pressing "Save" if Qt
    has decided to translate the text "Save" to
    another language. Qt is not supposed to
    translate anything, but reportedly it has.
  • Internal: Fix a bug in a function that divides two
    ratio numbers. The bug could in theory have caused
    all kinds of errors, but probably not.
  • GUI: Decrease memory garbage collection time
  • API: instrumentEffectMidiLearnIsIncremental,