Release Date

Bug Fixes

  • PICARD-2534 - Vorbis / FLAC: Trailing null char in date tag causes date to be ignored
  • PICARD-2605 - Windows: libssl-1_1-x64.dll missing
  • PICARD-2608 - Application exit waits for outstanding loading request
  • PICARD-2611 - During clustering selection changes are ignored, can lead to users performing actions on unexpected files
  • PICARD-2615 - Picard does not check for unsaved files when using the QUIT command
  • PICARD-2624 - ValueError writing truncated AIFF / WAVE / DSDIFF files
  • PICARD-2627 - Interprocess communication pipe hangs on quit
  • PICARD-2629 - Keyboard shortcut for "Search for similar albums"
  • PICARD-2630 - Crash at startup due failing to upgrade configuration
  • PICARD-2642 - Submit cluster as release opens on if "Listen only on localhost" is disabled
  • PICARD-2645 - QUIT command only works if there are files that need saving and user cancels the quit

New Features

  • PICARD-711 - New variables for release group, release, recording and work series
  • PICARD-2617 - Add variables for file creation (_file_created_timestamp) and modification date(time) (_file_modified_timestamp)
  • PICARD-2606 - Add _writersort and _lyricistsort variables


  • PICARD-900 - Use Id3v24 by default instead of id3v23
  • PICARD-1649 - Allow plugins to link to documentation
  • PICARD-1945 - Option to set the number of parallel fpcalc processes
  • PICARD-2535 - Handle null terminated tag values in Vorbis / FLAC tags
  • PICARD-2609 - Improve UI responsiveness during file loading
  • PICARD-2616 - Support tag releasedate for TDRL / RELEASEDATE (not filled by default, but available for scripting and plugins)
  • PICARD-2620 - New icon for Picard on macOS
  • PICARD-2625 - Improve visibility of creating a new file naming script
  • PICARD-2626 - macOS: add 512px & 1024px icons
  • PICARD-2634 - Use standardized artist names by default