Release Date

Change log

WARNING: to get the source version

  • be sure to download the faust-2.59.6.tar.gz file to get a complete source folder (in particular, with all the libraries)
  • on macOS, binary files are still to notarise, you may have to use the xattr -rd file command to remove the extended attribute. See the xattr man page for details on how to use that tool.


  • Improve cmajor-faust-tester tool to display performance ratio.
  • Optimize atan2(x,x) as PI/4.
  • Remove sigTable and use sigWRTbl to code rdtable and rwtable.
  • Adding submodule for faust2ck pointing to Stanford-CCRMA.
  • Add classInit method in dsp_factory class (needed for LLVM backend)
  • Add -double support in faust2bench.
  • Micro optimisation for logical operators.
  • Support for LLVM 17 API.
  • Rework -ftz 0/1/2 mode to directly apply on signals.
  • Rework same path rule for UI items: two input control cannot have a same path (trigger an ERROR), an input control and a bargraph can have the same path (WARNING), two bargraph can have the same path (WARNING)
  • Add fixed-point -fxmode [WIP]
  • Add Trill RING and HEX sensors support in faust2bela
  • Print ASSERT message when faustassert is triggered.
  • Add -fpga-mem option to replace FAUST_MAX_SIZE environment variable.
  • Support for LLVM 16 API.
  • faust2max6 now compiles and keeps a self-contained DSP version in the compiled external
  • Soundfile support added in Interp/LLVM backend. Cleanup Interp/MIR backend.
  • Add experimental -fui option, to freeze UI sliders/nentry to a given value.
  • Interp LLVM backend updated to LLVM 15 API.
  • Add a -cir option to check float to integer range conversion.
  • Add tools in impulse-tests to test signal type.
  • Use of the new interval library, developed as a separated project


Fixed bugs

  • Fixes bug in defines logic which would fail faust2daisy with -patch and -pod
  • Remove gtk_progress_set_percentage in GTKUI.
  • Correct mspUI handling in Max/MSP architectures.
  • Use FAUST prefix in lex/yacc parser, to allow Faust parser to cohabit with other generated lex/yacc parsers.
  • Correct MIDI items reflectZone method. MIDI output activated again.
  • Correct C/C++ backend with soundfile. Make faustbench usable with DSP using soundfiles.
  • Fix AndroidManifest.xml and faust2ios.
  • More flexible channel layout in JUCE export.
  • Correct VCVRack architecture.
  • Correct -osX generation and architecture files.
  • Correct faust2plot and faust2csvplot.


  • Add tabulateNd.
  • Fix tabulate: use int(id+0.5) in .val
  • Add it.remap.
  • More general dryWetMixer/dryWetMixerConstantPower functions.
  • Add sp.constantPowerPan.
  • Add dry wet mixers.
  • Add deg2rad and rad2deg.
  • Correct 'os.phasor_imp' to start at 'phase' at first sample.