Release Date

If you need any help setting up yabridge or if you just want to keep up to date with new releases and important Wine related announcements, then feel free to join the Discord.


  • Parameter information for VST3 and CLAP plugins is now queried all at once. This should work around a bug in VST3 Kontakt that would cause loading patches with lots of exposed parameters to become very slow in REAPER (#236).
  • When dragging plugin windows around, yabridge now waits for the mouse buttons to be released before informing Wine about the window's new screen coordinates. This prevents constant flickering when dragging plugin windows around with some plugin and window manager combinations.
  • Since the above change limits the number of times a plugin GUI potentially has to redraw when dragging the window around to once, the workaround added to yabridge 5.0.2 for Audio Nebula Aurora FM implementing drawing in a very suboptimal way has be reverted. This removes flickering when resizing for a lot of plugin GUIs again.
  • Yabridge now preemptively unsets the WAYLAND_DISPLAY environment variable when launching Wine. Upstream Wine currently does not yet have a Wayland driver, but future versions may. When that happens yabridge's X11 window embedding may suddenly start breaking spectacularly. This change makes sure that Wine will keep using X11 even if Wayland support becomes available at some point.


  • Fixed a race condition that could occur when a CLAP plugin instance would request a host callback while the host simultaneously tried to create another instance of the same plugin. This would result in a deadlock. An example of a plugin that triggered this is PolyChrome DSP's McRocklin Suite.
  • Mutually recursive callbacks are now enabled for more CLAP lifetime function calls. This was another change needed to avoid a deadlock in PolyChrome DSP's McRocklin Suite, as it changes its latency while being initialized.
  • Negative indices were not treated as invalid arguments in some of the VST3 interface implementations and could cause crashes if a plugin tried to query a parameter value with signed index -1. This has now been fixed. The issue only appeared with the VST3 validator, and not with any regular hosts or DAWs.


  • VST 3.7.5 moduleinfo.json files without a Compatibility field are now supported. Previously this would result in a parsing error because the whole point of the moduleinfo.json files is to provide Compatibility mappings for older VST2 plugins.


The archive ending in -ubuntu-18.04.tar.gz is a compatibility release meant for older distros and is thus slightly larger in size. If you're using Ubuntu 18.04, Linux Mint 19, Debian 10, AV Linux MXE 2021, or any other distro that's older than Ubuntu 20.04, then you should use this archive instead of the regular release. If you need a build of yabridge for use with 32-bit plugin hosts, then you can find those on the automated builds page.


To update from an older installation, simply overwrite your current yabridge and yabridgectl files with the ones downloaded below, and then rerun yabridgectl sync to complete the update.