Release Date

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New features
  • Proper support for dynamically built and loaded addons, without requiring a complete clone of the score source tree.
    Check the docs!
  • Add a Range Filter object to ignore values outside of a range.
  • Implement UI for XY spinboxes and float spinbox
  • Avendish plug-ins: allow to have source and sink video objects, not only filters.
  • Avendish plug-ins: allow to smooth values over time.
  • More GPU texture formats supported for Avendish plug-ins
  • It is now possible to drop files directly on the File port to change them, e.g. for instance
    in Granola.
  • Rework of the device enumeration UI to allow multiple categories
  • Implement discovery of OSC devices over Bonjour/Zeroconf/DNSSD
  • OSCQuery: allow to specify a port for OSC listening if the remote app only has partial OSCQuery support
    but can still notify of changes over OSC. 0 will leave the port be randomly generated by the operating system.
  • OSCQuery: allow to interoperate with servers which use N or no type instead of I for impulses.
  • Official releases are now based on Qt 6.5. This comes with numerous improvements:
    • Multiple shader viewports now work correctly and don't reduce the framerate.
    • Much better hidpi support, especially on Windows and with support for fractional DPI.
    • Fix some memory leaks for visuals on Linux
    • Large amount of bugfixes and performance improvements
    • Enables us to port to ARM Macs soon

Due to this change, the lowest supported proprietary platforms are now Windows 10 and macOS 10.15

Bug fixes
  • Improve detection of LV2 plug-in location
  • Build fixes with clang 16, 17, gcc 13, etc.
  • Improve reloading of Serial devices if they don't have a serial number associated.
  • Fix that pitch detector only worked correctly for mono
  • Rework the camera data flow to fix crashes with V4L2 on Linux
  • MIDI: Fix the listening bug where nodes had to be unfolded for midi input to work
  • Pipewire: support time position in nanoseconds for playback.
  • OSCQuery: fix that WS_IP / WS_PORT were not being used when scanning for OSCQuery devices, nor advertised by score
  • Images: fix that images were not being reloaded