Release Date

26/2/2023 ola-0.10.9


  • Python 3 compatibility across the board (including the RDM Responder Tests)!
  • Support for the JMS USB2DMX PRO V2.1 device via the FTDI plugin #1728


  • Python: Add a fetch current DMX example.

RDM Tests:

  • Python 3 compatibility of the RDM Tests #1599
  • Fix a longstanding bug in the GetMaxPacketSize RDM test around timeouts


  • Fix some tests not working on Big Endian machines because our RPC is encoded
    with native format and those tests used sample data from a Little Endian
  • Renamed EndpointNoticationEvent(sic) to EndpointNotificationEvent in the
    E1.33 EndpointManager code
  • Check if librt exists and add it to the build if required
  • Ensure we can build on later Protobuf and C++ and silence deprecation
    messages where required
  • Fix the NetBSD build
  • Clarify the usage of some of the various Enttec Open DMX USB plugins
  • Relax the timing on the ClientWrapperTest so it doesn't fail occasionally
  • Correct the documentation of some existing limits in the E1.31 plugin
  • Fix some undefined behaviour in TimeoutManager::ExecuteTimeouts #1726
  • Fix UARTs on Debian Bullseye #1749
  • Fix Python version detection for versions > 3.9 #1755, #1780
  • Update Angular and Angular-Route versions used by the new web UI and add
    workaround to be compatible #1782 Debian #1016447
  • Significantly reduce the delay when using StreamingClient with EPoll and
    multiple universes #1793


  • Add more debugging so we can tell why setting the baud rate failed
  • Replace "currentThread" with "current_thread" in Python since the former has
    been deprecated
  • Fix lots more internal typos and grammar
  • Add unit tests for more of the Python RDM Test classes
  • Sort the Python imports with isort