Release Date

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  • Fixed a regression from yabridge 4.0.0 where plugin groups would not exit correctly. When removing a plugin instance that was part of a plugin group, it would block until the group host process had exited. This in turn resulted in hangs if the group host process hosted more than one plugin instance.
  • Configuring the Meson build now works correctly on Wine 8.0 final. Meson's version comparison function considers 8.0 to be a lower version than 8.0rc2.
  • The tomlplusplus dependency in the Meson build new avoids linking against tomlplusplus' shared libraries. These were recently introduced, and depending on the build environment Meson may still try to link them despite tomlplusplus being used in headers only mode. This is to keep yabridge's plugin libraries free of dependencies outside of the C and C++ standard libraries, avoiding potential symbol clashes.

Packaging notes

  • The CLAP dependency has been updated to target version 1.1.7.
  • The tomlplusplus dependency has been updated to target version 3.3.0.


The archive ending in -ubuntu-18.04.tar.gz is a compatibility release meant for older distros and is thus slightly larger in size. If you're using Ubuntu 18.04, Linux Mint 19, Debian 10, AV Linux MXE 2021, or any other distro that's older than Ubuntu 20.04, then you should use this archive instead of the regular release. If you need a build of yabridge for use with 32-bit plugin hosts, then you can find those on the automated builds page.


To update from an older installation, simply overwrite your current yabridge and yabridgectl files with the ones downloaded below, and then rerun yabridgectl sync to complete the update.