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  • Implement Soundtouch time stretching, pitch shifting algorithm. Make it the
    default algorithm for new audio items.
  • VA1, FM1: New filter type: Ladder4, lowpass filter with strong
    self-oscillation, similar to a legendary synth brand by a guy named Bob
  • Plugins: Various cosmetic improvements
  • Windows, M1 Mac: Fix various bugs in the Time/Pitch dialog
  • MacOS: Fix Paulstretch time stretching
  • Intel Mac: Fix Rubberband timestretching on older, unsupported Mac hardware
    (confirmed to now work on at least 2010 Core2 Macs)
  • Intel Mac: Fix at least one "illegal instruction" crash on older, unsupported
    Mac hardware, possibly more
  • Intel Mac: Fix app bundle still using PyQt5 instead of PyQt6, in a still
    inexplicable gremlin-type situation
  • MacOS: Upgrade from Python 3.9 to 3.10
  • Fix bug where new projects would display the previous project's track names
    if another project was first opened and then closed without closing the
  • Sequencer: Fix bug where audio files that were drag-n-dropped had an
    inaccurate item length when opened in the item editor

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5131a6b60932cae5aec9c2bab133258ac7b84353d7f494ef0d9c9cc67b78682c stargate-23.02.1-1.x86_64.rpm 8b0d5f00dc611705175d58e84a4d503e2d04c1f85eca7e6041369db9561ba3ab stargate-23.02.1-amd64.deb 625b87d6889132e5ad3d431661b01543a51881838c0a8599fe33f9e972aab461 StargateDAW-23.02.1-linux-x86_64.AppImage 37dd88128779c0e450d28841c5b167a0325dcd51c4be67f8bf8839cb115964ce StargateDAW-23.02.1-win64-installer.exe 043e81c1adaa20bba72cac3a2d66ad6faccf2acc02bd2fc3bb6b09d5e659e09a StargateDAW-23.02.1-macos-m1-arm64.dmg 60060a46745fbb71ef0d076b27364562031e8ccbfb325cf8f7a78c5c7236a7ac StargateDAW-23.02.1-macos-intel-x86_64.dmg