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  • Sequencer Automation: Allow moving a point while drawing it
  • MIDI File Loading: Add a new dialog window after drag+dropping a MIDI file onto the sequencer,
    offers various options for how to import the file, many new features over
    the previous functionality
  • MIDI File Loading: Various fixes, improved accuracy/correctness for
    some files
  • Audio Items: Fix many bugs when click+drag moving moving multiple items.
    Now only the item that was clicked is quantized if Snap is not None, the
    others will maintain their horizontal and vertical position relative to the
    item that was clicked
  • Fix various bugs resulting in hung notes when using MIDI Channel "All" as
    a source or plugin channel
  • Lessen the likelihood of an engine crash when loading/editing a huge
    sequencer item, such as when importing a MIDI file with many events
  • Application Font: Enable antialiasing when possible, fix other
    cosmetic issues
  • File browser: Improved error handling and messages when attempting to preview
    a file that cannot be previewed

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52e1917b12a94169a0f58053e5670fd8c1ab6e0a2a5e03b1388f8b8f12bd3ada stargate-23.01.2-1.x86_64.rpm 61f4fdfb8b8454dc3894ce9b23c909108896b4d9b952ca4ccaf55ba93a639a86 stargate-23.01.2-amd64.deb d65d28efc723dc1c61563eb592ad9b2a466422454644b5aee796d4a35dcfebde StargateDAW-23.01.2-linux-x86_64.AppImage.tar.gz f8457e573bcad83944c1036c31ce90767a77e4837521a6fea4c6cf369bfd6e93 StargateDAW-23.01.2-win64-installer.exe 13dc94b2c9a486efbbf011e3f4ba9b12d563ce979942dfabfc9a260402dfafcf StargateDAW-23.01.2-macos-intel-x86_64.dmg 5c39528eae75005f49d4d25ec2779163b0872d035a0387bc17b002e01c70fb99 StargateDAW-23.01.2-macos-m1-arm64.dmg