Release Date

Change log

WARNING: to get the source version

  • be sure to download the faust-2.54.9.tar.gz file to get a complete source folder (in particular, with all the libraries)


  • Android architecture updated for API 33
  • Add [hidden:xx] metadata handling in JUCE architecture
  • Karl Hiner support LLVM 15 by disabling opaque pointers (temporary solution)
  • Update dplug architecture file
  • Dynamic detection of -double mode in dynamic-jack-gtk tool
  • Complete Faust/Cmajor hybrid patches
  • Add -input option in interp-tracer tool
  • Add a -wall option to print all warnings generated while compiling the code
  • Rework -ct option and activate it by default
  • Remove -cat option and rework -ct one to check the rdtable/rwtable range and generate safe access code
  • Improve memory trace in Interp backend, correct SignalTreeChecker::visit to properly recurse
  • Add -sts option to force strict compilation of 'selectX' primitives. Default is non-strict for stateless branches
  • Add template backend
  • Add missing createSourceFromBoxes API
  • Add -universal (arm/intel) option in faust2supercollider
  • BELA architecture: add support of checkbox widget for digital in and trill craft sensor, slider mode for trill craft sensor (contributed by Pascal Faivre)
  • New Cmajor backend
  • New JAX backend contributed by David Braun


Fixed bugs

  • Complete InstComplexityVisitor::visit(LoadVarInst* inst)
  • Oleg Nesterov correction on intCast
  • Correct assertStoreXX/assertLoadXX in Interp backend
  • Add a thread in CMDUI to update GUI
  • Table generation in -os0 and -os1 in C++ backend
  • Oleg Nesterov correction for functions with no input parameters: in this case the compiler generates code to call the function at sample rate
  • Interval computation for % operator
  • Faust::getMetadata in vst.cpp (faust2vst architecture file)
  • Use a cast bool binary operations (comparison operations) to int pass in Cmajor backend
  • Correct -inpl option
  • Rust: Allocate on the heap with default-boxed
  • Rework threaded API calls
  • Generation of rwtable related code in C/C++ backends in -os2/os3 mode

Libraries change log

  • Improved os.sawN and os.sawNp documentation
  • Add Oleg Nesterov ba.tabulate_chebychev function
  • Limit ma.BS in the [1..16384] range.