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  • Sequencer: Items list sidebar, drag and drop items into the sequencer by name
    or drag onto existing items to replace
  • Sequencer: "painting" is now the standard drawing behavior, drag to the
    right to repeat drawing a new item, or use CTRL+click+drag to repeatedly
    draw a single item copied to the clipboard. Click and release to draw
    a single item
  • Sequencer: ALT+click items to toggle selection or multiselect
  • Sequencer file drag+drop: Fix various bugs that resulted in a previous file
    being dropped again
  • Sequencer, Audio Item Editor: Draw a silhouette of an item being
    drag+dropped into the editor
  • Sequencer: takes: Replace takes sub-menu with a takes dialog. Fixes a
    (Qt?) bug where sometimes the sub-menu takes did not show
  • Nabu, MultiFX, Audio Item/File Effects: New effect: BP D/W,
    2 pole bandpass filter with dry/wet control
  • File Browser Widget: Many fixes and refinements
  • Audio item editor: Allow changing selection during playback to facilitate
    editing per-file and per-item effects while listening
  • Audio items: Much improved hints, show various mouse actions available, fix
    incorrect context menu hints that suggest file volume is changed with
    CTRL+SHIFT+drag (instead of the correct modifiers: ALT+SHIFT+drag)
  • Piano Roll: DrawTool+ALT+drag to change position instead of length
    while drawing
  • Piano Roll, Audio Item Editor: Implement the erase mouse tool
  • Engine: Compile without debugging instrumentation, significant increase in
    CPU performance.
  • Welcome screen: Fix newly created projects not showing in recent projects
    after choosing Close Project from the main screen.
  • Over 50 bug fixes affecting nearly all parts of the application

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df00748efe72c8ce38beedcd9fd4f87dff4705148fabd6cd4600a034cb25c017 stargate-22.12.3-1.x86_64.rpm 31bdf6ce3d67504549c4b771520ecf3648de0f81fe00a11d8939d7a2acfca891 stargate-22.12.3-amd64.deb 9c57585d5e42e000103444e3c94364974f9d27dc53aa5be54d4d61fce8a03ebd StargateDAW-22.12.3-linux-x86_64.AppImage.tar.gz 24b79c007145dc3c2ae8b427efea1fe8cd0992bc62c5fb18ca9c864581413678 StargateDAW-22.12.3-win64-installer.exe 4fd830754cdf53c4294f68579e206b7947c37cc171898e6bf813251487b98e3d StargateDAW-22.12.3-macos-m1-arm64.pkg 0d69ce938ea42c425b9ad9b74ba1491a305a35749768c4163b08137713034372 StargateDAW-22.12.3-macos-intel-x86_64.pkg