Release Date
New features and stuff
  • A library of example files is being developed. Check it out here:

  • Multiple new processes are now part of the release!

    • Granola: a granulator developed by @bltzr, based on Rama Gottfried’s granubuf object for Max / PureData. Works very well with a graphics tablet!
    • Calibrator: calibrates an input signal of unknown bounds to make sure that we get meaningful values, e.g. when a sensor does not have a precise well-known range.
    • Pattern combiner: combines the values of multiple addresses described by an OSC pattern match, e.g. to take their average, etc. Described in detail in an upcoming blog post.
    • Pattern applier: takes a list and applies it to multiple addresses described by an OSC pattern match. Described in detail in an upcoming blog post.
    • Sweeper: forwards the input value to the addresses defined by an OSC pattern match one-by-one with a configurable time interval. e.g. This can send its input to address foo:/bar.1 for 100 milliseconds, then to foo:/bar.2, then foo:/bar.3, etc. and circle back to foo:/bar.1. Described in detail in an upcoming blog post.
    • Entropy: computes the entropy of an input signal. Ported from Essentia.
    • Gradient scrub: allows to manually scrub between two colours.
    • Patternal: will play a rhythmic pattern passed in input. Described in detail in an upcoming blog post.
    • Melodial: will play a melodic pattern passed in input. Described in detail in an upcoming blog post.
    • Tweener: tween a value between an unknown input and output.
  • NDI support has been merged in the releases, and supports NDI 5. Note that you must install the NDI libraries yourself on your computer and define the environment variable NDI_RUNTIME_DIR_V5 to the path of the libraries for it to work. For instance, on Linux, it can be something like:

    export NDI_RUNTIME_DIR_V5=/opt/ndi/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu

    The folder should contains files such as (Linux), libndi.dylib (Mac) or NDI.dll (Windows).

  • Work-in-progress on a find-and-replace dialog, accessible through the magnifying glass in the object inspector search field. Thanks @RobinMontferme for your hard work on this!
  • Fix UYVY422 video shader (mostly used by NDI)
  • Fix the broken Lygia include path so that one can use @patriciogonzalesvivo's Lygia again. Two examples of usage are provided in the mentioned examples.
  • Fix that geometry would not update when multiple meshes were following each other into the same process over time
  • Fix that the RPi build was broken due to a LLVM issue when using the Mesa graphics driver (which uses another version of LLVM causing incompatibilities)
  • Fix that addresses with pattern match characters did not get saved
  • Fix a thread safety error when creating intervals while the score is playing
  • Fix group selection issues in scenario (triggers and conditions were not always selected)
  • Fix various division-by-zero issues which could lead to crashes when rescaling a scenario to a size of zero
  • Many fixes to the supported attributes, e.g. unit, domain, critical, vecf domains, when declaring devices in QML (thanks @bltzr for all the testing !)