Release Date


  • Run demo project on first run if found
  • Allow moving automation regions to other automation lanes


  • Free memory for all objects immediately instead of freeing some objects with a delay
  • Allocate some objects with GLib's GSlice allocator instead of standard allocation
  • Don't fire related UI events when control port values haven't changed
  • Silence some more logs
  • Swap Show UI and Swap Phase buttons in instrument tracks
  • Don't allow undo/redo while editing (avoids errors)
  • Link vertical scrolls in tracklist/piano roll/chord editor
  • Meson: pin lilv-related subprojects to specific commits


  • Don't spam UI event when a warning is printed in the log
  • Fix opening a project from a template in a different locale having silent tracks
  • Fix changing the BPM not recreating the track playback caches
  • Fix segfault when drawing audio region loops in the timeline
  • Fix error when no file is selected in a preferences setting
  • Fix incorrectly allowing to move selections to a different track when non-region objects are also selected
  • Fix auto-scrolling breaking the current hover position in arrangers
  • Fix bug report dialog success message being shown twice
  • Fix auto-scrolling in arrangers breaking when scrolling before 0,0
  • Fix UI behaving weirdly when attempting to move regions to another track
  • Fix undoing moving chord objects only moving back horizontally
  • Fix error when undoing duplication of automation points
  • Fix minor memory leak when copy-moving automation points