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  • New hint box in the upper right corner, replaces the tooltip based help
    system. Many hundreds of new hints added, nearly every control has a hint.
  • New default color theme. Those that prefer a darker theme as the previous
    default can select the new dark theme.
  • Much smoother UI experience, the application no longer closes and reopens
    itself on some config changes or changing projects, the same window stays
    open until you close the application
  • Close project action: close the current project and return to the welcome
  • Hardware Dialog: Now part of the main window, no longer freezes the UI if
    changing while a project is open
  • Welcome screen can now be navigated entirely by keyboard
  • note selector (used in various plugins): Fix it was possible to select a
    note higher than C8, various issues caused by that
  • Routing matrix: draw arrows on the wires to make the direction of the
    route clear
  • Plugin rack: fix an occasion crash when reordering plugins
  • Fix many bugs in the right-click context menu of plugin controls
sha256 8bd09d27b916e6c69d9907aece0cb1e124209094d4a77102e5ece09203bf986b stargate-22.11.3-1.x86_64.rpm 72d252838f05787fee74a9da9e3656cc92346532e37639080fe2d0cd6a220ad0 stargate-22.11.3-amd64.deb e3c976f9ae69c115825e9a77751d2841ca434a125aefa227ab1a65aa13115b98 stargate-22.11.3-win64-installer.exe c716df0779bb4468d5de98129328cc28888851c552cc6b006643369b1992df72 StargateDAW-22.11.3-linux-x86_64.AppImage.tar.gz b1cb6083ad5be6d407bcb40bf873f23eb47e808ec69c0fb6e97087d3c701d465 stargate-22.11.3-macos-m1-arm64.dmg 3845626b70f0485635d04a2d51e1afbbd37b92b1ebf2499cd45207f7673dfe49 stargate-22.11.3-macos-intel-x86_64.dmg