Release Date


  • Add clipping detection when exporting audio
  • Add swap phase button to tracks that output audio


  • Handle scrolling manually in arrangers instead of using GtkScrolledWindow
  • Clip editor: Draw the playhead position in the arranger and the loop-adjusted position in the ruler instead of the other way around
  • Update Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Ukrainian, French, Korean, Catalan, Russian translations
  • Upgrade project format to v4 and auto-upgrade older projects
  • Automation tracks: save record mode with projects


  • Fix crash when attempting to get RtAudio device names
  • Fix errors when attempting to cut/paste audio data
  • Fix linear fade out function not working
  • Fix cut indicator not being drawn inside regions
  • Fix error when cutting automation regions before the first automation point
  • Fix showing an bug report dialog when clicking cancel when attempting to edit audio in an external program
  • Fix custom timerange being calculated wrongly when attempting to export audio
  • Fix error after loading a project in a different sample rate when audio clips exist in the undo stack
  • Fix custom range selector not being hidden when showing the export dialog for the first time and the current time range type is "Loop"
  • Fix schema version not being saved with marker objects
  • Fix error when loading a project with exposed ports with the dummy engine
  • Fix custom time range label text being wrapped in the export dialog