Release Date

This releases focused on adding many requested settings, don't forget to explore the settings menu or the command-line help to get a full list! A huge thanks to @PrimateCoder and @sreich for their contributions!


  • Ability to hide some tracks or channels (#143)
  • Color sets: ability to pick a new chromatic coloring mode (#130)
  • Notes: define background textures for major and minor notes, border settings (thanks to #129) (#66, #88)
  • Flashes: exposed new halo parameters, added texture flipbook customization (#12, #66, #124)
  • Score: added lines width and color settings, new measure labels placement options
  • Pedals: added a customization panel to load texture masks for each pedal, set padding and per-pedal color, and preview the result (#87)
  • Wave: added a scrolling noise effect (#122)
  • Particles: added a turbulence noise effect (#68)


  • Color sets: support up to 12 sets (thanks to #130)
  • Notes: improve alignment of falling notes with keyboard keys
  • Improved performances when rendering the score background
  • Keyboard: display outlines around all pressed keys (#140)
  • Particles: added a specific panel for managing particle textures, with previews and additional options (clicking on a texture path in the list will show it in the system explorer)
  • Playback settings have been grouped in a subcategory to help readability.
  • All settings in the GUI now have a tooltip description
  • Setting descriptions in the help message are now grouped by categories and sorted


  • Configuration files could not be loaded on Ubuntu because of a parsing locale error (#133)
  • Crash when exporting while in fullscreen on macOS (#142). The fix might have an effect on other GLFW-related errors.
  • On Ubuntu, the file picker would sometimes remain open after validating a selection, partially blocking the application.

Thank you for using MIDIVisualizer!