Release Date


  • Show drives in file browser
  • Custom time range export for audio


  • Make plugin setting activation-related dialogs async (fixes errors when drag-n-dropping some instruments into the tracklist)
  • Send all notes off when disarming tracks that accept MIDI
  • Silence some unnecessary logging
  • Show info for first plugin of selected track in the plugin inspector if no plugin slot is selected
  • Add more error checking to file export
  • Port various dropdowns to AdwComboRow
  • Make welcome dialog transient to the splash screen (prevents it from being shown below the splash screen)
  • Verify stream is open when activating an rtaudio device
  • Preferences: refresh the audio device selector instantly when changing the audio backend
  • Improve naming of default chord presets
  • Merge "Plugin" and "Other" plugin categories
  • Use "Zrythm beta" as the desktop file name in installer versions
  • Use audio & MIDI region snapshots during playback instead of live data (allows editing regions while transport is rolling)


  • Fix first MIDI note skipped when bouncing to audio
  • Fix occasional error when closing a project
  • Fix Zrythm potentially not getting notified of buffer size changes on JACK/PipeWire
  • Fix RtAudio devices being wrong in the preferences when choosing a different RtAudio backend
  • Fix region loop end point stopping moving instead of being clamped when moved past the start point


  • Remove SDL, ALSA, PulseAudio, JACK (rtaudio), ASIO (rtaudio), Windows MME from selectable backends