Release Date

Thanks to the following contributors who worked on this release:


  • For Windows and Mac users, download the installer from the Assets section at the bottom of the release notes.
  • For Linux users, a Snap package and Flatpak package are available.


  • The spacing between systems can now be configured in the preferences (#239, #382)
  • Added Japanese and Russian translations


  • Rhythm slashes from .ptb files are now imported (as a regular staff for now, until full support for rhythm slashes is added) (#16, #389)
  • Increased the upper limit for irregular grouping values (#376)
  • The time signature dialog now enables the visibility checkbox by default (#356, #383)
  • Improved rendering of slide outs from a note (#393)


  • Fixed several potential errors when importing .ptb and Guitar Pro files.
  • Fixed a potential crash when exporting to Guitar Pro (#379)
  • Fixed issues where non-ASCII characters from .ptb files were not loaded correctly (#379)
  • Fixed an issue where some bars could be skipped when importing a Guitar Pro file with a small number of bars.
  • Ties between notes in different systems are now supported by the Guitar Pro exporter.
  • Fixed a regression from alpha 15 where the final barline in a system could not be edited.
  • The snap package provides more helpful error messages when the MIDI device cannot be accessed (#386)
  • Fixed a crash when editing multi-bar rests (#391)
  • Fixed a potential crash when double-clicking to edit a bend (#390)
  • Fixed a potential crash when using the Shift String Up / Down commands (#394)
  • Fixed a potential crash when displaying imported .ptb files (#396)
  • Fixed a MIDI playback issue where the pitch wheel could be incorrectly shifted when starting playback in the middle of the score (#395)