Release Date

Change log

WARNING: to get the source version

  • be sure to download the faust-2.50.6.tar.gz file to get a complete source folder (in particular, with all the libraries)


  • In C++ backend and -nvi mode, use 'static constexpr' in separated methods getStaticNumInputs/getStaticNumOutputs
  • Add relative standard deviation computation in benchmark tools
  • Add POD support in faust2daisy
  • Rust: Use wrapping add, sub and mul operations
  • Allow indentifiers starting with multiple '_'
  • Faust identifiers extended to accept c++ namespaces
  • Rework createSourceFromBoxes/createSourceFromSignals API suggested by David Braun
  • Add a -dyn option (create libfaust + LLVM backend dynamic version) in faust2jack, faust2cagtk, faust2plot and faust2csvplot
  • Latency metadata added in faust2juce
  • Add support for Trill Craft sensors in faust2bela
  • Allows 0 iterations for par, seq, sum and prod
  • New ...%{ijk}... extended syntax for label variables
  • Add template-llvm.cpp architecture to allow any faust2xx to become 'dynamic'.
  • Add registerForeignFunction for LLVM backend
  • Support for soundfile in Interp backend
  • Extension of letrec with an optional 'where' clause followed by common definitions
  • Completed Box/Signal API


Fixed bugs

  • Argument evaluation order sensibility and warnings when compiling with GCC 12.
  • Ladspa architecture file to set descriptor info from metadata
  • Fixing a couple of inconsistencies in the Teensy architectures
  • Incorrect use of ScopedNoDenormals
  • Correct operator priority and parenthesis generation in textual backends. Add -fp option
  • Correct generation of float/double textual representation
  • Rework -e option to print ordered ID
  • Correct -ub/-universal option mixup in faust2max6

Libraries change log

  • Add the "Standardized Filters" section and the ITU-R BS.1770-4 K-filter
  • compressors: leave the GR signal in the dB scale
  • lag_ud renamed in onePoleSwitching and improved