Release Date

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New features
  • WIP preset support for loading plug-in provided programs, from the small "preset" button on the plug-in node ui. Works for VST2 and JSFX so far. VST3 is work-in-progress.
  • Add CI support for Ubuntu Jammy (22.04)
  • Add new icons for network-related things (thanks @aklevy !)
  • WIP on a new library scanning engine which is much faster, based on LLFIO
  • Allow to create a process in the middle of a cable (double-click the process name in the library)
  • Smooth object: implement a continuous mode to smooth and make infrequent inputs continuous
  • UI: allow keyboard navigation between ports, cables, and processes with up / left / down / right
  • Fix that score would not run anymore on macOS 10.13 / 10.14 (due to chriskohlhoff/asio#1090)
  • Fix various UI bugs with the gradient process
  • Fix a crash when closing a document (it seems that it happened mainly on Windows)
  • Fix that some invalid expressions would crash the math expression engine (and thus score), e.g. "x.["
  • Improve support for "impulse" buttons in plug-ins
  • Ignore spaces at the beginning and end of filenames
  • Many, many CI fixes and updates
  • Fix starting position of nodes created from a preset
  • Improve file loading for avnd plug-ins, add support for midifile and raw file ports
  • Add spin boxes to more sliders (thanks @RobinMontferme !)
  • Math expression: fix a small bug in the default audio filter
  • Updated Faust to the latest version
  • Updated YSFX to the latest version
  • WASM: fix support for sharedarraybuffer on
  • Wacom tablet input: Fix tablet input tilt (thanks @hamoid !)