Release Date

Change log

WARNING: to get the source version

  • be sure to download the faust-2.41.1.tar.gz file to get a complete source folder (in particular, with all the libraries)


  • Make faustgen~ compile on Apple M1.
  • Add interpreter-dsp C API.
  • Optimize 'powprim' when arg is or represents an integer.
  • Add -osc additional parameters handling in dynamic-jack-gtk and poly-dynamic-jack-gtk tools.
  • Improve documentation coherency in faust2xx tools.
  • New faust2bench tool.
  • Rework public export.
  • Update faust2max6 to produce uiversal arm64/x86_64 code signed binaries.
  • 'librarypath' with an empty path now clear the librarypath list in faustgen~.
  • Add an nc parameter in faustgen~ 'compileoptions' message.
  • Compute and add 'shortname' in JSON generation.
  • Add faust2tidalcycles tool.
  • Update faust2puredata for Apple M1.
  • Rework 'read' method in faustgen~.


Fixed bugs

  • Relax same path rule causing errors for bargraph.
  • replaceCharList now creates a copy of the 'str' parameter. Correct buildPath.
  • JUCE architecture float/double and prepareToPlay handling.
  • Make broken -ocpp mode work again.
  • Some variables were not correctly moved from compute to computeThread in -sch mode.

Libraries change log

  • New time-domain pitch-tracking and spectral centroid functions.
  • Noise Generator: add colored_noise.
  • Rewrite slidingReduce.
  • Update hoa.lib.
  • Add cent2ratio/ratio2cent functions.
  • Add ahdsre (ADSRe with hold time).
  • Change use of obsolete ma.INFINITY in ma.MAX.
  • Faster ba.peakholder version.