Release Date
New features
  • Added tablet input support to Window device (thanks @hamoid for the idea !) ; pressure, rotation, tilt, z-axis are supported.

  • Experimental and preliminary: add the Network plug-in to the releases. This adds collaborative edition and execution features :-)

  • Restrict speed slider to positive values as some processes don't support backwards speed correctly... patches welcome 🍡

  • Allow to add processes to the score by double-clicking them in the preset list

  • Breaking change: LFO's random is now seeded from an outside source [ #1412 ] versus all the LFOs using the same random seed until now.

  • Experimental: add the ability to set a start time point from which transport will always start, by clicking in the top bar.

    • When this is set, pause / play will restart from that point as it is mainly to simplify working on a score


Bugfix release
  • Fix cracks and noises with the gain process
  • Port the WASM build to Qt 6.4: it now supports drag'n'drop !
  • Fix some issues found through scrubbing with ASAN, UBSAN and libstdc++'s debug mode
  • JSFX controls will now correctly map parameters according to their range
  • Fix a potential crash when deleting a GFX object
  • Video: do not try to display invalid frames
  • ExprTK: fix that varying number of channels as audio input would not work
  • Fixes for building with Qt 6.4 and LLVM 15
  • Fix that the dataspaces were not respected in control surface (thanks @capital-G for the report!)
  • Fix that moving nodes while dezoomed was not applied at the right scale
  • JS: implement state.timings() method to get accurate timings. See the updated sine.qml in the library
  • Do not redraw waveforms if the pixel zone is too small
  • Fix wrong inversion of viewport that had occured by mistake in 3.0.10