Release Date
New features
  • GFX: the render size can now be configured in the window device tree. If any of the rendersize coordinates is 0, the size of the window will be used instead.
  • JSFX: add support for showing feedback for control changes, for e.g. analysis objects.
  • Avnd: support for mapping functions to enable log-like knobs & things like that, as well as for multichannel FFT
  • Avnd: QPainterAdapter improvements from @ErkEntonio
  • Fix issue with Faust processes possibly giving loud pops
  • Fix that the GUI would refresh much more than necessary, using a lot of CPU
  • Many small performance fixes and improvements to the audio engine
  • Dead code removal
  • Fix a potential crash when closing a document
  • Fix sample rate not always being updated with soundfiles when changing the global audio sample rate
  • Expressions: fix that some where missing the fs variable to access the current sample rate
  • VST: accept inputs of any type by using convert instead of only handling floats
  • Do not try to load sound files that are directories or not readable
  • Mapper: make callbacks unique to fix a crash
  • Fix various issues related to objects not being able to be removed
  • WASM: disable GL as it caused a black screen
  • Control surface: Implement adding nodes during execution