Release Date

See official release announcement at


  • Add macos-intel build (smaller in size and better fit for intel-based macs)
  • Add main Cardinal variant for MOD builds
  • Add Audio to CV Pitch Core module
  • Fix buffer size not always correct in the Audio Unit plugin
  • Force UI keyboard focus (delayed focus grab after UI is open)
  • Mute audio output if bypassed
  • Remap Ctrl key + mouse clicks to right-click on macOS to better deal with its silly "one button" UX
  • Store a few more properties as plugin state, including favorites

Added plugins:

  • Fundamental (fork with custom panels)
  • Meander
  • PinkTrombone
  • unless_modules
  • WhatTheRack

Updated modules:

  • AmalgamatedHarmonics
  • AudibleInstruments
  • Befaco (adds Channel Strip)
  • Bidoo
  • BogaudioModules
  • ChowDSP
  • GrandeModular (adds VCA4)
  • ImpromptuModular (adds Sygen and Variations)
  • MindMeldModular
  • PathSet (adds GlassPane, Nudge and ShiftyExpander)
  • Prism
  • repelzen
  • voxglitch (adds GrooveBox)
  • ValleyAudio

Module fixes:

  • Fix Core Audio2 meters stuck state when both L & R are disconnected
  • Fix Core Blank panel tags
  • Fix Core Host-MIDI-Map flooding console logs in case of error (only print the same error once)
  • Fix Core Host-Time reset trigger for hosts with non-static buffer sizes
  • Fix DrumKit Sequencer memory corruption
  • Fix mscHack PingPong filter cutoff value when loaded without GUI


  • fftw3f is now an optional dependency, required for "Audio to CV Pitch" module
  • lv2export stuff has been reworked and works now, includes 3 test plugins