Release Date


  • PICARD-1570 - Windows: Files with path length > 259 char fail to load
  • PICARD-2292 - When a recording is a performance of multiple works, any instrumental performance attribute erases all other lyrics languages
  • PICARD-2368 - Matching files compares "totaltracks" to the total no. of tracks across all mediums on the release
  • PICARD-2398 - "Use track relationships" doesn't work on large releases
  • PICARD-2399 - Crash on login if options get closed before login requests finished
  • PICARD-2417 - macOS: Expand/Collapse tracklist should use Left cursor to collapse
  • PICARD-2420 - Adding a file with existing AcoustID fingerprint and recording MBID in the tags activates submission
  • PICARD-2423 - Dragging album with multiple files matched to a track back to unmatched moves only half of the files
  • PICARD-2425 - Picard crashes when accessing WinFSP / SSHFS-Win share
  • PICARD-2430 - "Submit cluster as release" drops text after quotation marks
  • PICARD-2435 - File naming examples crash if selected target directory exceeds Windows path limit
  • PICARD-2440 - FLAC cover art does not preserve ID3 image type
  • PICARD-2453 - "Submit cluster as release" won't submit catalog number if there is no label tag
  • PICARD-2454 - UI blocks when loading releases with a huge amount of tracks
  • PICARD-2457 - "Search for similar albums" loads cover art into wrong rows
  • PICARD-2459 - Crash if temporary cover art files are removed from disk
  • PICARD-2461 - File does not show error icon after saving
  • PICARD-2463 - Cover art box does not handle different screen scalings on multi-screen setups
  • PICARD-2464 - Cover art stack on HiDPI displays rendered too small

New Features

  • PICARD-1455 - Use EAC / XLD log files for disc ID lookup
  • PICARD-2410 - Use Whipper log files for disc ID lookup
  • PICARD-2411 - Add option to remove broken seektable from FLAC files


  • PICARD-2332 - Convert code to use scoped PyQt enums
  • PICARD-2422 - Remove AcousticBrainz analysis and submission features


  • PICARD-993 - Better error icons for file loading / saving errors
  • PICARD-2076 - Respect Windows 10 > 1607 removal of 260 limit on filenames
  • PICARD-2282 - Provide ability to import and export Picard config
  • PICARD-2349 - Use consistent terminology for "standalone recordings"
  • PICARD-2369 - Renamed "Preferred release formats" to "Preferred medium formats"
  • PICARD-2379 - Script options: Clarify what activating / deactivating scripts means
  • PICARD-2380 - Update to fpcalc 1.5.1 for Windows / macOS packages
  • PICARD-2382 - Make it easier to create a multi-value field value containing duplicate values
  • PICARD-2392 - Allow multi-value variables to contain empty strings
  • PICARD-2396 - Do not submit AcoustID fingerprints on significant track length mismatch
  • PICARD-2402 - Make 'end' argument optional for $substr() function
  • PICARD-2405 - Support CAA cover art type "Matrix/Runout"
  • PICARD-2407 - Set browser integration port in add cluster as release functionality
  • PICARD-2409 - Allow searching and dropping MusicBrainz disc ID URLs
  • PICARD-2415 - Make "Other versions" easier to access as a separate dialog
  • PICARD-2419 - Improve track number from filename detection to not treat e.g. UB40 at end of filename as track number
  • PICARD-2421 - Consider track MBID when matching files to tracks
  • PICARD-2437 - Tag editor dialog box should say “OK” instead of “Save"