Release Date

Due to a release mistake, Faust support was not enabled in this release. 3.0.8 will come out shortly with the fix.

New features
  • A stable plug-in API through Avendish! It took years of work but there is finally an API that is guaranteed to stay stable as long as C++ compilers exist thanks to the entirely declarative paradigm used, all while enabling the back-end to keep evolving to offer continuously improving performance. Documentation is there: ; support for JIT-compiling these is a work-in-progress and should already work in simple cases. As an added bonus, plug-ins written against this API will also be portable to other environments, such as PureData, Max, VST...

    • It allows to write both CPU and experimentally GPU processors
    • Entirely custom UIs are possible
    • More features will be added over time ; thanks to the reflection-based design it can be done without breaking existing code.
  • The DNSSD implementation will now check that Bonjour (on Windows) and Avahi (on Linux) are running, to prevent slow timeouts when they are not.

  • Multiple MIDI bugfixes (#1384 #1386)
  • Fix some eager asserts causing crashes in video process (#1377)
  • Fix that setting time signatures was broken (#1383)
  • Reallow to change advanced execution settings through the config file
  • Fix that the Linux AppImage would sometimes not start on Linux due to GDK woes (
  • Be more lenient when loading a bad scenario and try to recover things a bit
  • Fix that the position of comment blocks was not mapped correctly (#1379)
  • Fix that nodes would stay selected if clicking on a port
  • Lots of work on improving compile times

Thanks to @simonArchipoff for his first contribution and @RobinMontferme for the ongoing MIDI improvements ! :)