Release Date


  • Use one instance for each channel for mono plugins
  • Include release changelog info in appstream data


  • Scroll to mid note when first showing the piano roll
  • Update Hungarian translations
  • INSTALL: clarify build instructions
  • Enable locale detection for all languages
  • TRADEMARKS: simplify some wording and reserve right to review and object to use deemed outside the policy
  • Make sure UI event queue is cleared before freeing (fixes occasional errors)
  • User manual: update Routing, Chords and Scales, Modulators, Scripting, Theming, User Media, Contributing and Credits chapters
  • User manual: update some URLs (fix permanent redirects)


  • Fix automation lanes not being shown immediately when made visible
  • Fix MIDI files not being activatable in the file browser
  • Fix audio engine not being resumed after running Guile scripts
  • Fix engine preprocessing sometimes running while the graph is being updated
  • Fix various invalid accesses reported by GCC address sanitizer
  • Fix various memory leaks reported by GCC leak sanitizer
  • Fix various custom widget children not being unparented during dispose
  • Fix segfault when attempting to add a plugin to a collection
  • Fix scale objects throwing errors in the event viewer
  • Fix plugin sidechain options not being available in channel sends


  • Remove clang-tidy targets from meson configuration (speeds up reconfiguration)
  • User manual: remove copyright and license info from translatables
  • Remove drop motion handler from timeline (should fix errors on drag and hover)