Release Date


  • For Windows and Mac users, download the installer from the Assets section at the bottom of the release notes.
  • For Linux users, a Snap package and Flatpak package are available.


  • Added support for exporting to Guitar Pro 7 (.gp) files (#350)
  • The Bulk Converter dialog can now export to MIDI files (and any export formats added in the future) instead of only .pt2 files (#69)


  • Tuning dictionary changes (#367)
    • The tuning dictionary in the user prefs folder (tunings.json) now only stores custom tunings instead of the entire tuning dictionary
    • The user tuning dictionary is now combined with the default tuning dictionary when loaded, ensuring that updates to the default tunings take effect
    • Reordered the default tuning dictionary so that "Down 1/2 Step", "Down 1 Step" etc tunings are next to the standard tuning (#363)
  • Several changes to the .pt2 JSON format to make it easier for other applications to parse (#368)
    • Note that older releases will likely be unable to open newly-saved .pt2 files


  • Fixed an error with importing .gpx or .gp files with artificial harmonics for which the harmonic type was set to Pinch
  • Fixed a MIDI playback bug where let rings could ring forever in certain situations
  • Added a b6 alteration for chord names (#370)