Release Date

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New features

  • Video: support threaded decoding (see the settings)
  • Video: support hardware-accelerated video decoding
    • Note: on Windows and macOS the support is built-in, on Linux for now this needs a build of score against your distro's FFMPEG version as the one provided with score does not yet link with Cuda / Intel libs / VDPAU / VAAPI / ...
  • Video: audio tracks will now be loaded when dropping a video file
  • Video: add GLSL-based decoder for NV12 texture format, add support for 32-bit float textures
  • Video: add support for loading .webm files
  • Audio: a new streaming decoder has been implemented so that 5.1 1h30 movies' audio tracks do not take 10 GB of RAM but are decoded on the flight instead
  • WASM: first steps towards audio & video file support in the web build: score now links with a WASM version of ffmpeg and the GFX plug-in providing the video & isf feature builds successfully (but does not work yet)
  • New Raspberry Pi build targeting AArch64 Debian Bullseye. It performs better than the 32-bit one so if you can, use it! (64-bit OS is of course needed)
  • Execution: allow to choose how many threads are used by the score engine in parallel mode
  • Color automation: allow to choose in which unit the gradient outputs. Note that the default has been changed to RGBA instead of ARGB (#1444).
  • Color automation: allow to drop colors from the explorer to create new points
  • Gfx: Add support for GPU profiling with Renderdoc to the source code
  • Mapper device: support returning {address:, value:} arrays when an address is bound


  • Improve conversions of various data types from / to javascript
  • Various improvements and fixes to the Mapper processes
  • Various small bugfixes all over the place
  • Fix that "reinitialize" had stopped resetting the UI button for play
  • Fix a bug when editing two points on a curve on the same abscissa
  • Fix an ISF crash on invalid input
  • Fix that moving the nodal layer did not work
  • Many smaller fixes to video decoding, less memory used, faster load times, less CPU busywork, etc