Release Date

Mainly a bug-fixing release but also a major re-organisation of the
libraries to move all opcodes with dependencies into a separate plugins
repository. The only exception to this is the OSC opcodes (which
depend on liblo). This is in part a preparation for Csound7. This is
the last release using the current parser (v.2).

-- The Developers


New opcodes

  • scanmap and scansmap are like the xscanmap/xscansmap opcodes but
    work with the mainstream scan opcodes.

  • trigexpseg, triglinseg are aliases for trigExpseg, trigLinseg.

  • xscan opcodes are deprecated as they add nothing to the scan opcodes.

  • bformdec2 provides more ambisonic decoding of bformat audio.

  • metrobpm is like metro but the timing is in beats per minute and the
    signal can be offset by a proportion of the cycle.

  • sequ is a csound version of a hardware sequencer. It has many modes and options.

  • gtadsr implements a gated ADSR envelope

New gen


  • Message printing has been revised so -m16 suppresses all

  • add channel count to list_audio_devices (called when the flag
    --devices is used so that it can be parsed by frontends).



Modified Opcodes and Gens

  • event opcode does not bail out if the instrument called does not exist.

  • Added an optional prefix to soundfont instruments printed via sfilist.

  • lpslots reworked with better control.


  • cvanal now uses the SADIR environment to look for analysis files.


General Usage

Bugs Fixed

  • fareylen called a non-existent function leading to a crash. Removed typo.

  • turnoff could cause clicks in some cases; fixed.

  • turnoff3 improved.

  • cntReset fixed; had a false initialisation code.

  • binary search in bpf fixed.

  • pvscfs frame counting issue fixed.

  • --sample-accurate fixed in a-rate form of tabsum.

  • Problem in atssinnoi fixed; did read outside allocated memory.

  • hrtfmove fixed; it could use the wrong value for sr.

  • Named instruments could use wrong structure in redefinition.

  • fixes in the jack backend relating to --get-system-sr.

  • pvcross frequency warp mode fixed.

  • lpcfilter/lpcanal bug where processing could not be restarted after
    a freeze fixed.

  • the emugens collection of opcode, a large group incorporation mainly
    array operations, were not made available due to a small editing

  • If using a float build (rather than a double) array access could be

  • In some cases instr0 code could ignore loops after an incorrect
    warning. Now fixed.

  • Bugs in mp3len and similar fixed.

  • Crash in syncgrain issue #1773 fixed

  • UDO output of fsigs fixed.


System Changes

  • winsound has been removed.



CreateThread2 is a new API function that allows threads to be given a
user-defined stack size.

External Plugin Code

For a variety of reasons including licences, plugin opcodes that
allow csound to be a host for VST plugins is available from where installation
instructions can be found. It has been shown to work on Linux, MacOS
and Windows.

Platform Specific