Release Date
  • Client: Added selection option for level meter style (#1688).
    (contributed by @henkdegroot)

  • Client: On Windows, if no driver found while installing, the "Run Jamulus"
    option will not be checked (#2103).
    (contributed by @henkdegroot)

  • Client: on macOS, corrected minimum OS version number for Legacy installer from 10.13 to 10.10.
    Legacy installer will now install correctly on macOS Yosemite or newer (#2223).
    (contributed by @softins)

  • Client: Added Vibraphone to list of instruments (#2043, #2080, #2158).
    (contributed by @DavidSavinkoff, @softins, photo by @vibraphon)

  • Client: Added Conductor to list of instruments (#2140).
    (contributed by @henkdegroot)

  • Client: Fix wrong display of Unicode characters at line wrap and settings screen (#1994, #2274).
    (contributed by @djfun, @pljones, @hoffie)

  • Client: Fixed incorrect operation of feedback detection on first connect in run (#2120).
    (contributed by @softins)

  • Client: Added option always to show one's own fader first (#1809).
    (contributed by @ngocdh)

  • Client: Improved regex to highlight URLs in the chat window, avoiding terminating punctuation.
    Also migrated from deprecated QRegExp to QRegularExpression, for future compatibility with
    Qt6 (#2124, #2272, #2273).
    (contributed by @softins, @corrados, @hoffie)

  • Client: Improved keyboard control of the list of Custom Directories (#2129).
    (contributed by @pljones)

  • Client: Added the connected server name to the heading in the mixer panel (#2173).
    (contributed by @pljones)

  • Client: Enhanced the ASIO driver detection during installation on Windows (#2149).
    (contributed by @henkdegroot)

  • Client: On Windows, hide the ASIO button in the version that uses JACK instead (#2215).
    (contributed by @henkdegroot)

  • Client: Improved the "What's this?" text displayed for Buffer Delay (#2232)
    (contributed by @henkdegroot)

  • Client: Accelerator key clash between Settings button and Settings menu corrected (#2248).
    (contributed by @henkdegroot)

  • Client/Server: Output from --help and --version is now sent to StdOut instead of StdErr (#2244).
    (contributed by @henkdegroot)

  • Client/Server: Improved the version output on the command line to give more detail and Qt version (#2187).
    (contributed by @henkdegroot)

  • Client/Server: Added version and Jamulus URL to the Windows uninstall information registered when installing (#2201).
    (contributed by @henkdegroot)

  • Client/Server: Some improvements to text related to localisation (#2085).
    (Contributed by @BLumia)

  • Server: Fixed incorrect German translation (#2137).
    (contributed by @rolamos)

  • Server: Improved management and allocation of free channels, so that a new client always gets the
    lowest available channel number. Improves operation of clients with MIDI faders (#2151).
    (contributed by @softins)

  • Server: Improved the icon that is displayed in the Windows system tray for a server (#2231)
    (contributed by @henkdegroot)

  • Windows Installer: Updated NSIS to v3.08 (#2208).
    (contributed by @ann0see)

  • Android: Some internal improvements to the experimental Android port buffer handling (#1528, #2237).
    (contributed by @j-santander, @softins)

  • Documentation: Enhanced the iOS compilation guide (#2139).
    (contributed by @ann0see)

  • Documentation: Added a man page for Jamulus, from the Debian project (#2180).
    (contributed by @mirabilos)

  • Build: Raspijamulus build script has been improved to work with the latest Raspberry Pi OS releases and to include a newer JACK version (#2267).
    (contributed by @corrados, @softins)

  • Internal: A hypothetical CodeQL-detected multiplication overflow in sound buffer handling has been fixed (#2292, #2297).
    (contributed by @softins)

  • Internal: Changed "Central" to "Directory" in names of variables and functions (#2079).
    (contributed by @pljones)

  • Internal: Corrected "Protcol" to "Protocol" in names of variables and functions (#2146).
    (contributed by @atsampson)

  • Internal: Some code reordering, particularly of the settings initialisation (#2174, #2177).
    (contributed by @pljones)

  • Internal: Removed unneeded submodules from tools directory, and replaced with a RELATED-PROJECTS
    document (#2196).
    (contributed by @softins)

  • Internal: Improved generation of the changelog for the Debian package, using dch (#2138).
    (contributed by @npostavs)

  • Internal: Improved powershell redirect handling when building for Windows in Github (#2225).
    (contributed by @henkdegroot)