Release Date

🐛 Bug fixes:

  • Fixed rendering issues with NVIDIA, AMD, Intel GPUs
  • Fixed OpenCL initialization errors
  • Fixed loading blackbox files
  • Fixed rendering videos where video track is not the first one (eg. DJI Air Unit)
  • Fixed setting output size when reloaded the video
  • Fixed gyro rotation fields
  • Fixed FOV scaling when output resolution is changed
  • Fixed current zoom value when output resolution is changed
  • Fixed negative estimated time
  • Fixed close confirmation dialog
  • Fixed timeline gyro chart for long videos
  • Fixed initial video orientation
  • Fixed crash when entering low pass filter without video
  • Fixed text fields in Lens calibrator on export
  • Fixed uneven video information list with certain languages

✨ Improvements

  • ProRes encoding is now much faster
  • Double click to clear the trim range
  • Added context menu to sliders to reset the value to default
  • Added timeline panning with middle mouse button
  • Added more keyboard shortcuts
  • Added focus indicators so you can now navigate the UI with Tab
  • Added horizon lock to every smoothing algorithm with option to change the amount of horizon-locking
  • Added .gcsv format parser
  • Updated translations
  • Gyroflow now loads system language by default if we have it

🚧 Known issues:

  • Rendering on certain MacOS devices is still slow, will be fixed in rc3