Release Date

Anklang 0.0.1-alpha1

System Requirements

  • Linux - Ubuntu 20.04 is needed to run the Anklang AppImage


  • Build AppImage binaries with linuxdeploy, appimage-runtime-zstd
  • Add build script for Debian package creation

Hardware Support

  • Add ALSA MIDI and ALSA PCM drivers
  • Support playback of MIDI input events
  • Support ALSA device selection via UI preferences
  • Prioritize drivers based on headset/USB/HDMI/Duplex properties


  • Add manpage (markdown), build documentation with pandoc2
  • Add Anklang manual (markdown), support Latex based PDF builds
  • Extract Javascript documentation with jsdoc
  • Allow MathJax in the Anklang manual
  • Add comprehensive 'copyright' file generation

User Interface

  • Support Web browser based UI (Firefox, Chrome)
  • Suppport Electron based UI, test via 'make run'
  • Add Json, ZIP and zstd based storage of Anklang projects
  • Add UI support for modal dialogs with focus capturing
  • Add UI for file load and save dialogs in the browser
  • Support the XDG directory specification
  • Add an Anklang logo favicon
  • Add support for fly-over popups to alert users
  • Support UI tooltips and hints in the status bar
  • Add Vue3 and Electron based UI, use scss for styles
  • Work around Chrome's movementX/Y devicePixelRatio bug Chrome#1092358


  • Use seperate thread for digital synthesis
  • Integrate resampler2 code from Stefan Westerfeld
  • Integrate blepsynth module from Stefan Westerfeld
  • Add support for synchronized multi-track playback

Interprocess Communication

  • Provide updated JsonIpc layer for remote calls and event delivery
  • Send realtime status updates as int/float blobs via IPC (termed 'telemtry')
  • Support realtime UI updates via IPC by receiving telemetry at up to 60Hz

Build System

  • Support automated Github CI via docker based builds
  • Support Javascript and C++ linting
  • Notify #Anklang on about CI build results
  • Integrate Inter font, ForkAwesome, material-icons and anklangicons-201123
  • Integrate external sources from websocketpp, rapidjson, minizip-ng
  • Add robust support for multiple targets for one Make rule
  • Support live editing and reload via 'make serve'
  • Employ fast build GNU Make based build setup