Release Date
  • Client: JACK support on Windows has been improved (#1718).
    (contributed by @jujudusud, @henkdegroot)

  • Client: Rewrote multiple error messages to improve UX (#1568, #1732).
    (contributed by @ann0see)

  • Client: Add custom directory servers to Connect Dialog (#1869, #1894).
    (contributed by @jp8)

  • Client: Rearrange existing UI menu bar items (#1915, #1926).
    (contributed by @jp8)

  • Bug Fix: Mute myself has been made more consistent (#1838).
    (contributed by @ngocdh)

  • Bug Fix: Fix ampersand not being shown correctly on mixer (#1886, #1893).
    (contributed by @HughePaul, @ann0see)

  • Bug Fix: A crash fix related to the way iOS handles sockets in idle mode (#1875).
    (contributed by @ngocdh)

  • Server: A single click on the server application in the systemtray now opens the Jamulus Server main window (#1722, #1731).
    (contributed by @henkdegroot)

  • Server: Jam Recorder's internal locking and initialization code has been made more robust (#1826).
    (contributed by @cdmahoney)

  • Server: The list of servers registered on a directory can now be saved during directory restart. Use the new
    --directoryfile CLI option to use this feature (#1867).
    (contributed by @pljones)

  • Server: Add link to website if a new version is available (#1980).
    (contributed by: @ann0see)

  • Bug Fix: Remove incorrect version of headless .service file (#2009).
    (contributed by @ann0see)

  • Client/Server: Add IPv6 support for direct connections (#1017, #1938).
    (contributed by @jardous, @softins)

  • CLI: Re-order and refactor help for client/server validation (#1896).
    (contributed by @pljones)

  • CLI: Jamulus now shows a link to the Website for translated content (#1759).
    (contributed by @henkdegroot)

  • Android: Add close button on Android to enhance UX (#1763, #1876).
    (contributed by @ngocdh)

  • iOS: Sound support, feature to allow switch between external device and the internal mic (#1875).
    (contributed by @ngocdh)

  • MacOS: Keyboard shortcuts now also work on macOS (#1726, #1873).
    (contributed by @henkdegroot)

  • Installer: Add zh_CN translation + for nsis win installer (#1922, #1954).
    (contributed by @BLumia)

  • Documentation: Move Demos, description of inputs options to Knowledge Base (#603, #551).
    (contributed by: @pcar75, @gilgongo)

  • Documentation: Add user experience section to (#1885).
    (contributed by: @ann0see)

  • Documentation: Create Server Admin Manual (#527).
    (contributed by: @gilgongo)

  • Documentation: Update typo on links in file (#1824).
    (contributed by @jujudusud)

  • Documentation: Number range command line error messages reworded accurately (#1978).
    (contributed by @DavidSavinkoff)

  • Website: switch to .po file format to make updating translations easier (various PRs)
    (contributed by: @ignotus666)

  • Website: Removed edit button from wiki layout file (#576).
    (contributed by: @DevRish)

  • Internal: Enable signing of macOS binaries (via build script and automatically via CI) (#1856, #1937).
    (contributed by @emlynmac)

  • Internal: Added Apple Appstore licence waiver (#1874)
    (contributed by @ann0see, @pljones, @gilgongo)

  • Internal: Add autobuild for Windows with JACK (#1829).
    (contributed by @henkdegroot)

  • Internal: Document release process on contribute page (#1594, #592).
    (contributed by: @hoffie, @ann0see)