Release Date
  • Linux: Removed from the Linux
    binaries since it sometimes caused 3rd party
    plugins to fail loading. (Caused by conflicting
  • Linux: Update included system library files.
  • GUI: Fix making Shift + Right mouse button reset
    mute and solo in the sequencer.
  • Plugin scanner: Fix displaying error messages on
    Linux and Windows.
  • JUCE: Update JUCE to 6.1.4. This might fix various
    issues with VST3 on Linux and other things.
  • Plugins: Fix crash when selecting the "Set ..."
    option in the effect popup menus.
  • GUI: Lots of high DPI fixes. The whole program
    should look descent on high DPI screens now.
  • Audio preferences window: Support high DPI
    screens. (Probably not working on macOS though...)
  • Plugins: Support high DPI screens for the GUI for
    plugins. (Probably not working on macOS though...)
  • Keyboard: Workaround to fix space and return keys
    not always working (especially on newer and faster
  • Startup: Fix custom python code added in the
    keybinding configuration file sometimes not working
    (especially on newer and faster computer).
  • Demo songs: Fix sweeping filter automation in the
    main demo song.
  • GUI: Lots of mouse handling improvements.
  • GUI: Make the "ZL1" key (i.e. the key one step to
    the left of "Z" on a QWERTY keyboard) behave the
    same way as pressing Shift + Right mouse button.
  • GUI: Make the mouse "Back button" (for mice having
    this button) behave the same way as pressing Shift
    • Right mouse button.
  • Menus: If a function has more than one shortcut,
    display the shortest of those shortcuts in popup
  • GUI: Improve various popup menus.
  • Instruments: Don't create a new undo entry when
    resetting an effect and the effect already had the
    default value.
  • Linux: Fix scheme listener not always starting
    unless running on Ubuntu 18.
  • Preferences/Audio: Add option to not use JACK even
    when JACK is running.
  • Audio: Fix possible problems when initializing JUCE
  • Playlist: Don't show error message if pressing the
    delete key in an empty playlist.
  • Editor: Make it possible to assign keybindings to
    the "New Sample Player" and "New MIDI Instrument"
    options in track header menu.
  • LADSPA/Windows: Another attempt at preventing
    windows from scanning the included ladspa plugins
    during startup. It doesn't seem to always work
    though. The built-in virus scanner in Windows seems
    to be extremely aggressive. The LADSPA files are
    never opened or read during initialization.
  • Demo song: Fix low pass filter automation.
  • Editor: In the pianoroll header, fix "A" button not
    always behaving quite correctly.
  • Audio: New song properties option for muting output
    of the 5 system buses when a plugin is bypassed. By
    default this option is ON for new songs and OFF for
    old songs (to keep kompatibility).
  • Manual: Add recipe to the Mixer FAQ on how to
    create a sidechain compressor.
  • Manual: Add how to set volume higher than 6db in
    the mixer FAQ.
  • Editor: In the "(click me)" menu, display currently
    used audio instruments before currently used MIDI
  • Edit: Also expand/shrink end pitch value when
    expanding/shrinking pitch.
  • Edit: Fix expand/shrink pitch. Last release wrongly
    assumed end pitch always had a legal value.
  • Plugin Info box: Inform when a mono LADSPA plugin
    has been automatically transformed into a stereo
  • API:
    • New: setMuteSystemBusesWhenBypassed,
      muteSystemBusesWhenBypassed, setPianorollRange,
    • minimizeBlockTracks: Optional argument "force".