Release Date
New features
  • Add support for JSFX (Reaper) plug-ins through the ysfx library. Note that this is not part of the release yet and has to be built from source.

  • VST: controls being created for plug-ins with large amounts of controls is now opt-in with a new button in the inspector:


This is going to be extended to other plug-in APIs soon.

  • Pattern sequencer: visual feedback


  • Image process: wip: allow to tile input images
  • Value generator: allow to return arrays
  • WIP on new console functions for creating automations programmatically
  • [Linux only] Support shmdata as a way to send / receive video frames between applications.
  • Audio analysis plug-ins merged into score directly: pitch recognition, onset detection, etc. are now all available out-of-the-box, thanks to the Gist library !

Analysis plugs

  • Add a Leapmotion device. Note that this is not part of the release yet and has to be built from source.
  • Allow to control the UI execution update rate (rate at which the UI reads the new state from the execution engine).
  • Micromap: support input of array types with xv / pxv variables.
  • JIT: Automatically create controls with the information available.
  • MIDI: Added note deletion using the Delete Key for Piano Roll plugin. Thanks @RobinMontferme !
Bugfixes & changes
  • VST: many small compatibility fixes from trying various plug-ins. Also always set a stereo speaker arrangement until we find a better way of handling that.
  • LV2: small correctness fix
  • FFT can now use KFR instead of FFTW which makes it easier to build in some cases
  • Main tempo is now saved correctly
  • Various buffer allocation optimizations
  • Fix image loading when a palette is used
  • Optimize image loading for image process
  • Looper: add a small fade-in / fade-out
  • Looper: fix blank output when switching to an empty input
  • Fix process name when creating with drag and drop
  • JSFX: fix ports created at the wrong place
  • Cables will now always be shown at the same hierarchy level
  • Fix corner cases for musical quantization
  • Minor qt6 fixes
  • Refactor and fix infinite scrolling for ui widgets
  • Various drag'n'drop fixes
  • Fix that nodal view execution position had disappeared
  • Various video pixel format fixes, e.g. for ARGB, YUYV and YUV422. Support more formats being decoded on the GPU.
  • Library: support for subcategories in processes.
  • The old envelope plug-in is now deprecated. Use the new ones which support gain adjustment.
  • Refactor rescaling and camera input and fix many bugs in the process.
  • Various drag'n'drop improvements.
  • Fix issue when hitting ctrl-c when no document is loaded.
  • Refactor the viewport bounding code.
  • JIT: Add seemingly missing flag for EH handling.
  • JIT: Preserve ports when editing script
  • MIDI: handle note selection properly
  • Linux: Fix startup crashing under offscreen Qt QPA, useful for gui-less on small underpowered SBCs.
  • UI: Improve comboboxes
  • Fix that adding processes through the library would add them to every document.
Special thanks
  • @VastareMetal for testing the JIT process in-depth and reporting many bugs.