Release Date


  • PICARD-157 - "Translate artist names to this locale where possible" also translates ones already in the correct locale
  • PICARD-1645 - Picard doesn't respect MusicBrainz server settings for the CD lookup in browser functionality
  • PICARD-2189 - Network cache directory at wrong location on Windows
  • PICARD-2217 - $performer() pattern matches full tag name
  • PICARD-2233 - Composer Sort Order doesn't use the artist sort name when the "credited as" text is populated
  • PICARD-2236 - Renaming files with "replace non-ascii" treats fullwidth slash U+FF0F as directory separator
  • PICARD-2261 - Any tagger script causes multi-line fields to become changed
  • PICARD-2276 - Fix browser integration on Windows if hostname contains non-ASCII characters

New Features

  • PICARD-9 - Options profiles / quick presets
  • PICARD-257 - Option to preserve artwork when selecting "clear existing tags"
  • PICARD-1127 - Filename presets
  • PICARD-1734 - Add AcousticBrainz analyzer features
  • PICARD-2165 - Add $is_multi() function to test if a variable is multi-value
  • PICARD-2203 - Integrate add cluster as release functionality into Picard
  • PICARD-2204 - Support unicode escape sequences in tagger scripts
  • PICARD-2213 - Allow naming script import/export as YAML scripting package
  • PICARD-2277 - When translating artist names ignore selected scripts
  • PICARD-2279 - Allow saving AcoustID fingerprint in acoustid_fingerprint tag


  • PICARD-2231 - Fix packaging Picard on Windows with Python 3.8 or later


  • PICARD-226 - Cluster automatically
  • PICARD-412 - Allow several locales to be selected for "Translate artist names to this locale where possible"
  • PICARD-524 - Ability to have more that one rename script and choose desired
  • PICARD-563 - Pad disc number in default renaming script if more than 9 discs
  • PICARD-1568 - Improve parsing track number and title from filename
  • PICARD-1718 - Display and log crash details
  • PICARD-2150 - Option to show or hide the tag editor
  • PICARD-2151 - Provide functions $year(), $month(), $day()
  • PICARD-2171 - Make guessing title from filename if title is empty optional
  • PICARD-2174 - Optimize metadata view displaying format specific metadata
  • PICARD-2176 - Add column to see if cover art is present
  • PICARD-2178 - Select random sample of loaded files to use as renaming examples
  • PICARD-2179 - Refactor Options > File naming
  • PICARD-2181 - Support Markdown formatting for plugin descriptions
  • PICARD-2184 - Allow fully silent install using the Windows installer
  • PICARD-2198 - Update formats for Tefifon and 5.25" Floppy Disk
  • PICARD-2201 - Add help button to "Tags from file names" dialog
  • PICARD-2207 - Script editor: Show hover tooltip on Unicode escape sequences and functions
  • PICARD-2218 - $performer() should allow regular expressions
  • PICARD-2220 - Set default file extension for files with empty extension
  • PICARD-2232 - Allow data submission to unofficial server
  • PICARD-2237 - Realistic progress and ETA
  • PICARD-2248 - Lazily initialize the file browser on first display
  • PICARD-2251 - Add ability to import/export tagging scripts
  • PICARD-2263 - Performers without role do not get saved to TMCL (TIPL respectively) frames
  • PICARD-2266 - Add already mapped tags gapless, podcast, podcasturl, show and showsort to list of known tags
  • PICARD-2271 - Allow removing obsolete option settings from configuration INI file
  • PICARD-2273 - Set acoustid_id tag also if AcoustIDs were found, but no recordings are attached
  • PICARD-2278 - Show the path and name of the configuration currently used
  • PICARD-2288 - Add variable %_workcomment% for the work disambiguation comment