Release Date

Another year, another late release. MusE 4.2, more fixes, more features. More!

A very condensed list of changes since 4.1:

  • New: Midi remote control feature redesigned.
  • New: Export midi options
  • New: Soft bypass support for plugins.
  • New: Generic plugin UI 'Off' button.
  • New: Export midi selected visible tracks only. In main app menu.
  • New: Export midi selected parts on visible tracks only. In main app menu.
  • New: LV2 midi-out support added. Supports things like midi arpeggiators, midi effects etc.
  • New: Midi control assignment
  • New: Momentary Mute and Solo buttons!
  • NEW audio automation graphs redesign
  • New: Audio automation graphs: Choice of DISCRETE or INTERPOLATED points.
  • New: LATCH automation mode, in addition to OFF, READ, TOUCH, WRITE modes.
  • New: Audio automation graphs: 'Align all selected to point' context menu item.
  • New: Adjustable graph point size. In Global Settings > GUI tab.
  • New: Buttons on toolbar turn the graph points on and off !
  • Added: Latency correction for VST midi-out.
  • Major plugin/controller/logarithmic/UI changes
  • Midi assign and mixer overhaul
  • Fix VST midi-out: Recording times were way off. (Midi arpeggiators, midi effects etc.)
  • Fix #1088: Cannot copy/paste parts
  • Fix: Reuploaded script (Fix issue 1037: Time stretching/shrinking for midi/drum parts.)
  • Fix #1106: Running scripts in midi editors takes waaay too long.
  • Fix #1238: Not responding to program MSB from inputs.
  • Fix #1233: RtAudio 6 compatibility.
  • Fix midi remote control: Don't accept note-offs.
  • Fix #1121: Undefined symbol ipatch_close.
  • Fix #1120: Cannot clone parts.
  • Fix #1119: Routing doesn't work with utf-8 symbols in names.
  • Fix #1022: Allow even more zoom out in piano roll.
  • Fixed: A number of crash bugs!

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