Release Date


  • New dependency libadwaita
  • New searchable preference dialog
  • Add plugin latency handling for plugins running through Carla
  • New Hebrew translation
  • Various drawing optimizations
  • Various DSP optimizations


  • Updated plugin browser filter section
  • Change UI toolkit from GTK3 to GTK4
  • Bump version requirements for some dependencies
  • Use LD_LIBRARY_PATH to override library paths in zrythm_launch
  • Run all plugins via Carla
  • Port most widget drawing from cairo (software rendering) to GTK snapshot API (OpenGL)
  • Show toast messages when backups are saved instead of showing a blocking popup
  • Use SCSS to compile CSS theme
  • Allow DSEG font loading directly from file
  • Update Indonesian, Ukrainian, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Slovenian, French, Turkish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Russian translations
  • Use libdir option for Zrythm lib directory instead of 'lib'
  • Port some widgets to new GTK4 alternatives
  • Use meson dictionary to generate list of languages
  • Use Carla patchbay variant instead of rack for loading plugins to support CV ports
  • Change global single-key shortcuts to require Ctrl modifier
  • Make strict compilation flags stricter
  • Add additional gtksourceview5 language spec lookup path
  • Redraw rulers and arrangers on every frame
  • Recalculate DSP graph when reallocating engine ports
  • Use int_fast64_t and uint_fast64_t for large DSP numbers instead of long for better cross-platform compatibility
  • Set Carla plugin window parent on Windows so the plugin window stays on top of Zrythm
  • Do not attempt to run diff to check for changes when closing the project


  • Fix issues with plugin search in plugin browser
  • Fix timeline minimap not drawing its contents
  • Meson: fix use of sse flags on non-x86_64 systems
  • Fix modulators not being saved with the project
  • Only recreate plugin port list when selected plugin changes (fixes lag in unrelated actions)
  • Fix output track hash being saved as INT instead of UINT in channel leading to overflows and project corruption
  • Fix stack smashing in recording manager when recording automation (pre-create dynamic array)
  • Fix error when opening a project from a running instance
  • Fix incorrectly freeing memory owned by GLib (g_settings_schema_source_get_default())
  • Fix various memory issues and possible NULL dereferences reported by GCC
  • Fix Carla not being notified of buffer size changes
  • Fix missing icons in mixer and transport display
  • Fix automation not being drawn when the line is vertical


  • Remove unused widgets/files
  • Remove unnecessary widget properties from UI files