Release Date


  • Add appdata
  • Optimize MIDI event processing
  • Port various MIDI util functions from Tracktion
  • Add tint to track and channel widgets
  • Cache automation region drawing in timeline
  • Optimize arranger drawing


  • Update Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), French, Hebrew, Indonesian translations
  • Update fader and panner appearance
  • Port track widget drawing to snapshot API
  • Use theme color for playhead
  • Use theme colors for meter gradient
  • Change default track colors to palette from GTK color picker
  • Make grid lines less prominent in the arranger
  • Use port symbols for all ports (fixes projects made in one locale showing errors in another locale)
  • Add Space, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and other single-key shortcuts to arranger widget and remove some unnecessary global shortcuts
  • Use most appropriate (slimmest) Carla patchbay variant for each plugin


  • Fix "please restart" dialog being transient for preferences window instead of main window
  • Fix snap to grid button not being togglable
  • Fix zrythm_launch on MacOS (use DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH)
  • Fix loop dashed line being incorrectly drawn at the start of regions
  • Fix spacing of plugin/file browser filter buttons
  • Add exception for bug report dialog for known GTK bug
  • Fix non-fatal error when opening folded tracks
  • Fix drop target not being set properly on folder channel widget
  • Fix incorrectly setting temporary font config as global current
  • Fix editable label popover not having its text selected
  • Fix audio send buffers not being cleared during processing


  • Stop using trademarked MIDI logo