Release Date
  • Audio: Try not to open any audio input device by
    default. Sometimes this screws up the output
  • Audio: Try to use a default buffer size of 1024
    when initializing the audio device. Earlier the
    audio device was sometimes initialized with an
    incompatible block size.
  • Sequencer: Fix inserting several audio files at
    once when selecting "Insert audio file(s)" from
    the popup menu. For a few releases now, inserting
    several audio files inserted the new audio files
    into the wrong sequencer tracks.
  • Sequencer: Also set seqtrack-under-mouse when
    changing current seqtrack.
  • Sequencer: Fix moving several seqblocks at once
    when there are hidden seqtracks.
  • Sequencer: Light up seqtrack names, both in
    seqtrack headers and in the "Tracks" tab, when
    mouse is above.
  • Sequencer: Light up the editable path name field in
    the "Files" tab when mouse is above.
  • Sequencer: Light up seqtrack currently under mouse.
  • Sequencer: Fix keybindings not always working on
    current seqtrack pointed to by the mouse.
  • Sequencer: Paint orange border around current
    seqblock in the sequencer navigators.
  • Sequencer: Fix possible weird behavior when moving
    more than one seqblock and one or more of those
    seqblocks were deleted because they were moved to
    a seqtrack of the wrong type.
  • GUI: Make all sliders in the editor/mixer/sequencer
    to light up when mouse is above the slider.
  • Mixer: Make the volume text and peak text light up
    when mouse is above.
  • Editor: Convert various node assertions to fire in
    debug builds only.
  • Editor: Fix moving cursor left when the cursor is
    positioned on the leftmost centtext subtrack and
    the swing subtrack is visible.
  • Editor: Fix transposing selected notes in the
    pianoroll when using left meta + u/d.
  • Editor: Improve logic for whether to show the
    centtext subtrack or not.
  • Editor: Convert pitches to TimeData.
  • Editor: Fix transpose velocity.
  • Build: Fix compiling for LLVM12 (Teteros)
  • Editor: Let the window that shows the
    no-range-or-selection error show buttons to open
    the manual instead of explaining directly how to
    edit range and selection.
  • Editor: Make sure editor graphics is updated when
    pressing left alt + return.
  • API: setCurrSeqtrackUnderMouse