Release Date

Change log

WARNING: to get the source version

  • be sure to download the faust-2.33.1.tar.gz file to get a complete source folder (in particular, with all the libraries)


  • Tools dynamic-faust, faustbench, faustbench-llvm and faust2object are now part of the macOS binary distribution.
  • New -os0 and -os1 options (variants of -os) in C backend.
  • Add dynamic-coreaudio-gtk tool.
  • New faustremote [<servurl>] <platform> <arch> <srcfile> ==> <> script.
  • Add faust2w64puredata script.
  • Add -bs option to faust2sndfile.
  • Add -edit option in dynamic-jack-gtk.
  • Add -ct option in faust2sndfile.
  • Add -double support with soundfile.
  • Make -inj foo.cpp option correctly work in faust2object tool.
  • Add switch/case based Interpreter loop for Windows32 compilation in Interp backend.
  • Update faust2juce to Projucer 6.0.8 (build date 22 Mar 2021). Add Visual Studio 2019 builds to the plugin and standalone Jucer files. Add new arg to faust2juce for VST 2 SDK folder. Add new arg for disabling juce splash screen.
  • Add -a arch_file in compile options generation.
  • Add dsp_crossfader class.
  • New experimental faust2audiokit tool.
  • Csharp backend contributed by Mike Oliphant.
  • Add -fx (fixed-point) option.
  • Add -soundfile option to faust2object.
  • Add faust2cagtk tool.
  • New soul-faust-editor tool.
  • Add architecture files for Daisy and faust2daisy.
  • Add -rc option to possibly use the foo.rc file in faust2sndfile.
  • Complete createSRAdapter.
  • Add -us/-ds/-filter options to faust2object, faustbench, faustbench-llvm.
  • Add support for 'logical right-shift' and correct support for int64 in most backends. Correct -ftz 2 and -double support in wast/wasm backends.


Fixed bugs

  • Correct -double mode in Interp backend.
  • Correct polyphonic handling in -double mode.
  • Improve voice stealing in mydsp_poly.
  • Fix 'pow' function to compute with integers when both arguments are integers.
  • Correct faust2plot and faust2csvplot SR parameter handling.
  • Correct faust2max6 assist messages. Fix CPU measure display in several tools.
  • For faust2max6, correct ui.js to create appropriate 'int' or 'float' type slider depending of the step value.

Libraries change log

  • Add pink_noise_demo to demos.lib.
  • Add jprev and greyhole reverbs: developed by Julian Parker and Till Bovermann.
  • ADSR modification: favors a constant release time rather than a constant release slope for very short gates.
  • New fds.lib by Riccardo Russo.
  • New aanl.lib library for antialiased nonlinearities by Dario Sanfilippo.
  • New wdmodels.lib library by Dirk Rosenburg.
  • Making the behaviour of si.smoo SR-independent.
  • Add tabulate in basics.lib.