Release Date


  • For Windows and Mac users, download the installer from the Assets section at the bottom of the release notes.
  • For Linux users, a Snap package and Flatpak package are available.


Thanks to the following contributors who worked on this release:


  • Added support for chord diagrams
    • Chord diagrams are displayed at the top of the score
    • Diagrams can be imported from v1.7 files and Guitar Pro 6 / 7 files
    • The Chord Name dialog allows for quick selection from existing chord names in the score (chord text items, or chord diagrams)
    • Use the Add Chord Diagram option in the text menu to add a new diagram
    • Double-clicking a chord diagram will open a dialog to edit it, and selecting a chord diagram and pressing Delete will remove it
  • Added MIDI playback support for bends that stretch over multiple notes
  • Improvements for adjusting the score's zoom (#315, #340, #50)
    • Added standard keyboard shortcuts for adjusting the zoom
    • The last zoom level is saved in the settings and used when opening new scores
  • Added a button in the playback widget to toggle the count-in option
  • Translations
    • Added Spanish translation (#348)
    • Added French translation (#355)


  • Improved the visibility of some colors in the dark score theme (#357)


  • Fixed various playback issues with alternate endings (#306, #353, #354)
  • Fixed a bug where alternate endings could be drawn too far if there were multiple repeat end bars in a system
  • Fixed an issue where MIDI playback did not reset correctly if playback was interrupted during a pitch shift (e.g. bend or tremolo bar) (#361)
  • When the Windows installer is run in silent mode, the option to launch the app after installing is now disabled
  • Fixed a bug where editing the first system could cause it to shift up and overlap with the score information or chord diagrams